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  • s a fine physique may be buried in a ●mountain of fat.In the washro▓om Zoltan the waiter confided in me: ●‘He has become t
  • ruly himself ●since his wife went away.All Alexandria say●s so.’ The truth was that he had become lik●e all Alexandria.Late that ni●g
  • ht the whim seized him to drive me ●to Montaza in the late moonlight; w●e sat in the car for a long ▓time in silence, smoking
  • , ga●zing out at the moonlit waves hobbling across ●the sand bar.It was during ▓this silence that I apprehended the truth● about him.H
  • e had not really change▓d inside.He had merely adopted a ▓new mask. Justine (1957) Part IV ▓Chapter 3 In the early summ▓
  • er I received a long letter ●from Clea with which this br●ief introductory memorial to● Alexandria may well be brought to a cl●ose
  • .‘You may perhaps be interes●ted in my account of a brief ●meeting with Justine a few we▓eks ago.We had, as you know, been excha
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